Marimekko Home Fall 2019

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Marimekko’s theme for 2019, Bold by Nature, explores different interpretations of boldness and empowerment through joy and self-expression. To be bold is to be true to your nature.

For the Fall 2019 collection, Marimekko’s creative community drew its inspiration from personalities who have been bold in their expression and true to their nature: the collection examines the creativity and courage of the great female authors of the 20th century. The designs, reflecting the original home decor  of great female authors, emboldens to be creative, open-minded and fearless of failure. lt encourages people to embrace their authenticity through empowering prints and colour choices.

The colourful home collection celebrates boldness with unexpected print and colour  combinations.  lt  allows you to create your own environment that will spark your creativity. ln the collection’s prints, two counterforces  create an interesting dialogue: freedom meets regularity. Prints build on expressionist brush strokes are paired with rhythmical flower prints and graphical scribble prints, referring to  author’s  writing. The colour palette of  the season blooms in the shades of orange, green and pale pink.

Styling // Susanna Vento

Photos // Osma Harvilahti

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